Social Media Do's and Dont's

Social Media is a science. You don't need an education to understand the science but most people don't get it. Business owners try really hard and don't see the results, wondering what they are doing wrong. You either need to have a natural understanding about what your demographic enjoys visually and intellectually or you need to start studying. YES... social media is extremely important for every company in 2018. It is becoming essential. This is how customers remember that you exist and the quality of your social media represents the quality of your business/brand. 

DO: Know your demographic visually and intellectually. How? Look at what other brands in your demographic are doing and base your technique off of the brands that are having success online. Another much more time-consuming way, invent the wheel but use data to steer you in the right direction (AB testing). 

DO: Building out a company asset library on dropbox or google drive. This is a folder stored in the cloud where you keep all original, high-resolution content belonging to your company/brand. Keep it organized and ready for posting. Images, Videos, and Text. 

DO: Know what each social media platform is for.
Facebook: Information/Internainment oriented
Instagram: Visually oriented
Linkedin: Business oriented
Twitter: Intellect oriented
Pinterest: Image oriented

DO: Maintain one voice. Social media is great for sharing, but make sure your message is clear and consistent across all channels: website, public, social media, etc. This means keep the same Font, Image/Graphic style, and verbal personality. Consistency is key. Ideally, you want your newsfeed to represent the brand colors, breaking up the more full content with simplistic posts to reduce the feeling of caos. 

DON'T!: Do not post low quality! Know how important each post is! QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!!! QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!!! QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!!! I can not stress this enough! You will gain follows when posting something visually and intellectually stimulating with quality. When you are not posting no one will unfollow you. Even if you haven't posted in a while the likely hood of someone unfollowing you is very slim. If you post something with low quality, spam-like or a repeat of something that you have already posted, that is when you will lose the customer. No one wants their news feed to be filled with a bunch of rubbish. So wait until you have something worth posting don't feel the need to post regularly if you don't have new content. 

DON'T:  On image or visually oriented platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, never post low-quality photos, never post the same thing twice and never post add like images. 

DON'T: like your own posts. Of course, you like your post. You posted it! But don't "like" or "favorite" your own material. Encourage your employees, however, to share and like the material that is posted. Your employees can be your brand's greatest ambassadors.

DON'T: connect with everyone. Just because someone follows you, doesn't mean you have to follow them back. Think of it as choosing who you surround yourself with in real life. Before you follow back, think of how it will reflect on you. Is this someone who would represent you and your business in a good way if consumers saw that you were associated with them?

DON'T: be spammy. Just don't do it. Nobody likes spam, whether it be via email or social media. If you are constantly posting the same information over and over or inundating your followers, you risk becoming a nuisance and could lose some of the followers you've worked so hard to attract.

Noni HolroydComment