Getting off of ground zero as a product oriented startup.

If your product is not blowing up online then I assume you are probably stuck at ground zero

Ground Zero is a category I invented for my clients that are any where from the first ideas of their startup, right up until the point that they are seeing a regular flow of traffic and sales online.

A lot of people get stuck on ground zero until eventually they give up because they couldn't figure out what they were doing wrong. 

Here is a list of the most common places people get stuck. 

1. You have a website, but you designed it yourself or you found someone cheap that didn't do a great job. You are waiting to see sales come out of your online store before investing more money into it.

2. You have given away a lot of product, but haven't seen sales at least triple from each product you give away. 

3. You are selling maybe 10 or less products per month.

If you can relate to one or more of these three frustrations then I have some helpful tips for you!

 It is important to remember that every company is different. Having a professional work with you to create a foolproof business plan is key. 

But I know you. You don't want to drop a few thousand right now.

Here is my advice. Call a professional. Make an appointment to meet with them. Before you go in remind yourself that no matter what they say you will not commit to anything. Make sure that no matter how much the professional tries to use big words, finish their sales pitch and close the deal, take control. You want to know exactly how they are going to get you the numbers that you are looking for. If something they say doesn't make sense, say "how does that work?". You are there to learn. Bring a pen and paper and write everything down. 

If they say SEO then ask what type of SEO, why will that make sales? If they say payed advertising, ask where do you find the right places to advertise based on my demographic?

Use this information to get a jumpstart in the right direction and see whether or not you want to hire this professional for maybe one of the many specific services they went over.