How do I choose between a .com .org or .net domain name?

Generally speaking you want to always go with a .com domain name.

.com is the most common extension. The average assumption for your companies website will be [your brand name].com. 

Unless the extension is in your business name. 

A more important reason to go with a .com is that it will give you the best opportunity based on SEO. .coms normally rank much higher with google and key word searches.  


The .org extension is a great option for charity or non profit organizations even though there are many successful for profit sites that use the .org extension. If used correctly, the .org can give you a bump in social credence or validation as uses tend to see the .org as a more benevolent site. You will need to brand the .org with your site name, since as mentioned earlier .com is the first extension users will assume for anyones website. As far as google and key word rankings go, .org’s will do well though for most profit targeted categories, it won’t have as much sway as a matching .com


The .net extension would be the last choice of these three options. It has the disadvantages of the .org extension but doesn’t have the advantages. On the SEO end of things, .net is better then other extensions but has lower google rankings weight then the matching .com and .org extensions. 

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