Building Your Brands Content Library

Every company with an online presence is going to need a constant steam of content. Photos/Videos/graphics/motion graphics/animations. This can become very expensive very quickly. 

For my clients I recommend 2 options.  

1. Find a photographer/videographer/graphic designer that specializes in your favorite style imagery. Find a price that works with your monthly budget and see how many seporate marketing pieces your creater is able to produce within that spectrum. The goal is to have at least 1-3 new visuals a week. They need to be diverse, high quality and relative to what’s happening within the company. You can use these images to keep your website updated and new looking, use them for your blog and don’t forget social media and marketing materials! 


2. Create a program. Incorporate a content creator page on your website. This is a page where you give creators an opportunity to be featured on your site/social media. If you advertise this opportunity correctly you will start receiving free content all the time! All you have to to is pick and choose the ones you like and when you use a creators art, make sure you give them the credit/spotlight they deserve. This is a great option but there are a few downfalls.

1. You need to make sure you have your legal terms and conditions in order and done by a professional. Having good contracts when collaborating with others is a lesson you don’t want to learn. 2. There won’t be much consistency in style. It’s always good, on your program application page to set guidelines for your creators. This will help a lot. 3. Time consuming. Managing your content program is a job that does need daily attention. You might need to hire an intern.  

Despite these 3 downsides, having a program like this is a great way to boost your SEO, creators tend to create links to sites that post their work. Everyone needs inbound links! 

Growing a business needs collaboration and this is a great way to start!  

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