Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4

Facetime like never before...

Never leave your camera behind. Live stream 4k video from your wrist. Now with faceID and TrueDepth camera, you have secure new way to unlock, authenticate, and pay using your Apple Watch.

...larger, thinner, sleeker and now CURVED...

YES. CURVED. Designed to the shape of your wrist, the Apple Watch has never been so sleek and comfortable. The IPhone 4 display is revolutionary with a case spanning across the full width of your wrist and the first OLED screen ever on a watch. We have replaced the dial with a touch sensor giving you the ability to use swipe and tap gestures making navigation natural and intuitive. 

...and more.

Send Animoji's to your friends.
Siri is now smarter! Brought to you by Bing, Siri can now answer any question.

Apple Watch 4 Mockup and Predictions by Noni