Reaction to Apple 2017 new product!

Apple Special Event. September 12, 2017.

Apple Watch 3. 
Celular, waterproof, and advanced heartrate monitor. 
What I'm waiting for:
A sleeker design and a more interactive, visually stimulating display and interface. 

Apple TV
4k video and always connected to your IHome devices.
What I'm waiting for:
A camera on the apple tv to allow FaceTime in the living room.
Games comparable to Halo and Xbox

IPhone 8 $699
Glass on both sides that is the most durable ever on a smartphone.
 AR gaming, wireless charging, and better camera.
What I'm I waiting for:
Get rid of the old design completely. 
If there is wireless charging then get rid of the charging port. 

iPhone X - $999
Full retina display. Oled technology (True Black). 
Face ID - animogi (really funny)
No home button
Camera - Same as iPhone 8 but SUPER STABILIZER. Low Noise. Low light. 
Air Power - Charging Mat
Environmentally friendly 

What I am looking for:

$999! - Innovation should not be for the wealthy! Apple has the power to advance humanity and by making it more expensive every year, they help separate the wealthy from the poor. Apple needs to unite us. Give us equal opportunity. It's not like Apple needs more money! I would rather see everyone with an iPhone X. 
Camera - with an advanced facial recognition why not allow blemish and wrinkle removal. This is why people love Snapchat filters. 
Display - this is 2017! I feel like the iPhone X hits our expectations but I want to be blown away like I was back when Steve Jobs was in charge. There is still a border. A small little black line. I want an edgeless iPhone!! How long will it take to get there!!! The little black line on top really ruins the experience. 
Wireless Charging - It still has a wire from the wall to the charging mat. This is still not wireless.