Why do you have a blog on your website?

No, It's not my dream to be a blogger.
No, I don't think people actually taking the time to read all my blogs.
No, I don't think my posts are revolutionary.

A blog does 2 things that are beneficial for anyone with a website. 

1. Your SEO ranking will suffer significantly if your site is determined stagnant, meaning the content just sits there and nothing changes.

2. By having a blog I am able to rank for more keywords and phrases. 

I get over 300 views a week on my website (as of this last year). This is pretty remarkable considering I am only one person and I have not put any money into advertising. I also have an extreme lack of inbound links. With this website alone I have been able to get enough work to support myself and not have any other part time jobs. I am fortunate enough to work from the comfort of my home, meanwhile saving money to buy a sailboat. I plan to sail the world. So I don't care what people think about my blog. There are plenty of other ways a website benefits from having a blog. Just google search "Why should I have a blog on my Website?"  

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