UI/UX design for desktop & smartphone. 
Clean pixel-perfect, high-quality designs.
Interactive Axure wireframes.
Amassador Program Outreach

In the last year, I was the designer/creative director for the AlohaUV launch. AlohaUV is the leading brand for titanium infused clothing and is based out of Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I was responsible for creating detailed interactive wireframes and creating an exciting new device responsive UI. Once I had completed this and we were about to launch, I ended up taking on the responsibility not only setting up the E-commerce store and integrating Whitebox software, but also putting together the AlohaUV Ambassador Program and SMM guidelines. 

Despite all members of the AlohaUV team being spread out across  America and Europe we all managed to work together effectively using Skype and Slack to ensure the project ran smoothly, on budget and on time.

The success of my creative direction on AlohaUV has led to the directors recommending me to other clothing-related vendors and companies.